Implicative marketing…

La version anglaise 2020 du livre est parue hier chez Routledge, en plein confinement, en pleine crise sanitaire mondiale… La sortie était prévue depuis des mois. La calendrier involontaire me laisse songeuse. Faut-il en rire ou en pleurer ? Plus que jamais en tout cas, il faut questionner nos modèles de société, nos modèles managériaux. Ce livre est fait pour ça.

Ce livre est un manifeste.

This book is a manifesto for responsible marketing. Taking a critical look at marketing practices of the last 50 years, it explains why they have led to an ethical stalemate and sometimes even a business impasse.

Exposed to such practices, consumers have grown tired of meaningless offers coupled with the destruction of value as prices are driven down. As a result, today’s marketing professionals find themselves in the firing line of a combat focused on greater social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Thanks to new ways of understanding consumers and branding, this book suggests how such a challenge can be met. Through the presentation of experiences, studies and concrete cases, the reader gains a tangible, fresh perspective on marketing: a new global, responsible, creative and collaborative model that helps respect sustainable consumption.

Implicative Marketing presents a paradigm shift, one that will be of considerable interest not just to academics and their students, but also to marketing practitioners.


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